Automatically fill your product roadmap from Jira Epics

Created on by Artjom Vassiljev

Image Automatically fill your product roadmap from Jira Epics
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Jira integration allows you to automatically create epics when you add new items on the roadmap. However when you just start it is important to have your existing epics on the roadmap to see how shipit works, test the flow, and get started quickly. The current implementation of this feature is still in beta testing and we’re looking for any feedback you might have in terms of improving it.

To start, go to the Settings -> Integrations and select Jira:

Jira integration settings

We support both Cloud and Hosted versions of Jira. They have slightly different authentication and if you choose the wrong type you will get an error. Often times hosted Jira instance is behind the firewall, and if you’re in the same network or using VPN you can access it without problems, however Shipit will have a hard time doing that. You need to contact us via chat and we’ll provide IP addresses for your IT to whitelist.

You can import Jira epics to any track or the “later” tab. Usually when you just start you have only the “default” track.

Jira epic import

We import all your epics asynchronously meaning that there is no waiting after you’ve configured Jira integration. When all of the issues have been imported you will receive an email.