What's new? Product roadmap changelogs!

Created on by Artjom Vassiljev

Image What's new? Product roadmap changelogs!
Photo by Ross Findon

“So, what changed on the product roadmap since we last talked?” asked the VP of Engineering. Such a question can be surprisingly difficult to answer. As an agile product manager, you keep reprioritizing the roadmap. You update requirements and add implementation tickets for near-term initiatives. And you collect and add ideas for farther out items. So it can be easy to forget to mention an important change to keep everyone in sync.

Furthermore, especially in a remote-first situation, multiple people may be working on the same roadmap asynchronously. And keeping everyone informed without resorting to boring update meetings can be a challenge.

That’s why we added the roadmap changelog to shipit. It shows all the recent changes on the roadmap as you’d expect. Simple, yet powerful.

Product Roamdap Changelog

While we were at it we also updated some of the design and UX: roadmap item details now show up in a side-panel, and we changed all the editing of item details was moved to inline-editing.

Head over to the shipit app to try it out.