Product Updates Q3 2021

Created on by Artjom Vassiljev

Image Product Updates Q3 2021

Let’s get right to it - in Q3 we shipped the following updates, many of them addressing feedback and request by shipit users:

Notion integration

Notion is a team collaboration environment which allows for sharing knowledge, making todo lists, etc. and has quickly become an alternative to GDocs or wikis. We’ve integrated with Notion to allow for saving product requirements documents (PRDs) like you already can do it in Confluence for GDrive.

Improved Jira integration

We now support 2-way sync between Jira epics and shipit roadmap items thanks to migrating to the latest Jira APIs. Whenever you make a change to the title or description of a linked Jira epic, we update the corresponding fields in shipit’s roadmap item, and vice-versa. Please note that in order to enable this feature, you need to re-authenticate with Jira by deleting the existing integration and going through the authentication flow again.

Jira two-way sync with shipit product roadmap

Just launched: Zapier integration (beta)

We have just launched a beta integration with Zapier. Right now you can automate the creation of roadmap items and adding ideas by through more than 3000+ existing Zapier apps to connect to shipit. For example you can connect to Slack and file roadmap items directly from Slack conversations. Let us know if you have any feedback or feature requests.

Zapier to automate shipit product roadmao

Smaller updates

We’ve also implemented lots small bugfixes and updates, and some of the notable ones were the following:

  • The ability to show only executive items on public roadmaps. As you know, you can make your roadmap public and share it via a secret link. However not everyone wants to share all of the plans, and last quarter we introduced a new feature which allows to show only items with executive tag set on public roadmaps
  • There is a new archive button on individual roadmap items, for situations where you want to archive an item immediately, and not only when a quarter ends.
  • Users with “viewer” permission can also add ideas, comment on them, and like them. (Previously viewers were only able to view ideas, and to view and vote on roadmap items’s priority.)