shipit 1.1 released

Created on by Artjom Vassiljev

Image shipit 1.1 released

We’ve just released the first update for shipit. Here’s what’s new.

First, we have a new, more visual representation of product roadmaps. These are great for sharing and impressing your team and stakeholders. Note how you can now easily switch between bullet-point and Gantt chart view of the roadmap.

The duration of roadmap items (and with that length of the Gantt chart bars) is expressed in sprint granularity. This means you can really quickly select the start and end sprint in order to set the duration of the roadmap item. Sprint granularity means no fiddling with (too) detailed dates.

Also note that sprints are shown as fine gridlines on the roadmap view. These adapt as you change sprint configuration in Settings.

Now you can also set the color for the work tracks in the Settings

Furthermore, we improved the Google Drive integration for storing requirements documents. So far it needed rather extensive access permissions to your Drive. This was not satisfactory to us. We found a way to limit access to only one folder that contains the requirements documents that are created by shipit.

to check out these changes.