Fresh features on shipit: Confluence integration and improved roadmaps

Created on by Artjom Vassiljev

We just rolled out a set of new features on shipit.

Confluence Integration

You can now store requirements documents for each roadmap item in Atlassian Confluence. If you connect your confluence account with shipit, whenever you create a roadmap item it creates a new requirements page in confluence. It is pre-filled with a template and placed under a space and parent page you can set up in the integration. We also revamped the looks of our integrations page.

Current day and current sprint indicator for roadmap

The Gantt view of the Roadmap now highlights the current day and sprint. This way you can easily track where you are standing in relation to your plan.

Current day and current sprint

The line indicates current day, and the current sprint is highlighted, too

Simply sign-in to try these new capabilities. And by the way: both of these features were prioritized based on feedback from our users. So if you have things you’d like to see in shipit, just hit reply, or contact us in the in-app chat.

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