Drag-and-drop, Jira integration, and more with shipit 1.4

Created on by Artjom Vassiljev

Image Drag-and-drop, Jira integration, and more with shipit 1.4

One of the most requested features since our launch has been drag-and-drop support for items on the roadmap. We’re happy that this is now available, just in time to prepare and prioritize your product roadmap details for the fourth quarter of 2019.

Watch how our own roadmap for Q4 changed while going through these steps in the header clip above.

With this released, in addition to drag-and-drop we also added the following features to shipit:

Jira Integration

You can now connect Jira and shipit. When you enable the integration, each roadmap item you create will also create a corresponding Epic in Jira. You can turn on the integration in the settings section of your account.

Jira Integration, shipit side

Jira Integration, Jira side

Three different product requirements templates

For product requirements we now offer three different templates:

  • A detailed template with full coverage of all sections you may need in your PRD
  • A simplified version for shorter, more compact requirements documents
  • An “empty” template, which just contains the roadmap item title at point of creation

PRD templates

Of course all of these templates work for both the Google Drive and the Confluence integration.

To try these new features, just head over to the shipit app.