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Product Roadmap

With shipit you create a quarterly product roadmap that looks great and is super easy to maintain.

Roadmap initiatives in shipit provide full lineage connecting up to company goals (OKRs) and down to implementation tickets.

The intuitive interface allows you to drag-and-drop items across your product roadmap to prioritize and update details of initiatives efficiently.

Quarterly product roadmap

Shipit uses quarters in the roadmap. It helps you to time-box effectively and always keep the proper high-level view.

Tracks (aka swimlanes)

Set the visible number of quarters, and add horizontal tracks as you need to divide focus areas.

Gantt and priority list views

Present and plan your product roadmap with simple, prioritized lists or with richer Gantt chart views.

An Agile product roadmap

Calendar quarters are subdivided into sprints (you set the length). Planning is in sprint granularity, truly Agile.

Syncs with Jira and Confluence

A new initiative in Shipit automatically creates an epic in Jira. If you like. You can also import epics from Jira to Shipit.

Executive view

Hide certain items from the product roadmap when you give high-level presentations to your stakeholders.

Rolling quarters

You always see the current and a configurable number of upcoming quarters. Past quarters are archived automatically.

Share or embed

Share a public link to your roadmap. With Shipit you can also embed your roadmap on your website or platforms.

Export your roadmap

Export your roadmap as CSV to use in Excel. Or export images for your Powerpoint/ Keynote presentations.

Product roadmaps and company goals aligned

Shipit helps you keep a product roadmap aligned with company goals. Goals in shipit are compatible with the popular OKR framework. Set your quarterly goals (objectives) and add key results to track your progress towards achieving those objectives.

Each initiative on your roadmap can be linked to one or more of your company objectives. It ensures that all initiatives contribute to the objectives set by you or the leadership team. You will always be able to justify your product intentions.

Link OKRs company goals to product roadmap in shipit

Integrated with the tools you already use

Shipit complements the tools you already use today in your product organization and company-wide.

Google Drive integration

Google Drive

Create, link, and share product requirements documents from shipit in Google Drive fully automatic.

Confluence and Jira integration


Requirements in Confluence and Epics in Jira are created automatically by shipit and linked for each roadmap item.

Intercom integration


Automatically pull customer feedback from Intercom conversations into shipit. Discuss them with your colleagues, shape, and place on the roadmap.

Product roadmap prioritzation

What to build or plan next? One of the key questions for Product Managers. Get insight from different perspectives. Your CTO values things differently than your sales lead or your support lead. From everyone's input a priority score is calculated for each roadmap item.

Team voting

With shipit Team Voting, you can utilize all key people from the project and ask them to give their rating to the candidate initiatives. Voting can be configured to use various scales such as Fibonacci.

Prioritisation score

Shipit calculates mean, median, spread if votes for each initiative, which helps you easily prioritize your roadmap items on a drag-and-drop prioritisation view.

Prioritisation of product roadmap initiatives in shipit

Everyone's ideas, in a single place

It is great when your team or your customers have ideas how the product can be improved. But collecting and prioritising all this feedback can be a challenge. With shipit you can gather all ideas in one place. Anyone from your team can add new ideas, and cast votes for existing ideas. Filter by status, number of likes, and place the best one on the roadmap.

Projects in shipit

Separate projects for your teams

Whether manage multiple products in one company, or work as a product manager for multiple companies, you can create a project with its own team, roadmap, integrations, goals, and ideas for each product. This works best for agencies managing several clients or product companies with different independent teams.


Collaborate and share

Shipit is a platform for people working together. Invite your team members and work together on shaping the roadmap, goals, and priorities of your product.

Product roadmap sharing

If you turn on roadmap sharing, your product roadmap is made available under a secret URL. This can be shared with select stakeholders, or linked publicly on your website.

shipit product roadmap sharing

Teams and roles

You can add collaborators and assign roles. Viewers can view, editors can edit and change items on the roadmap, and admins can change all configurations and settings.

shipit product roadmap sharing

Product roadmap changelog

Shipit has a detailed changelog for your roadmap, so you and your team can stay up-to-date on recent changes.

shipit product roadmap changelog

Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) in Confluence, Google Drive, or Notion

There is a gap between a high-level product roadmap item and the development of it. This is where Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) come in. PRDs address the "why" and "what" of a product plan, whereas user stories and engineering tickets focus on the "how".

Product requirement templates

PRD templates in shipit make it easy to make sure everything is covered. Collect and track all relevant aspects of a product (marketing, legal, customer needs, pricing, design, etc.) in one single place.

PRDs in Confluence, Google Drive, or Notion

Shipit automatically creates these Product Requirement Documents for you in Google Drive, Confluence, or Notion for each roadmap item.

Product Requirements Document (PRD) in Confluence

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