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Rolling roadmap

At the heart of everything is the roadmap. It's set up in rolling quarters and individual swimlanes for different product areas. Each roadmap item has short description and links to detailed product requirements in Google Docs or Confluence. Within a quarter, roadmap items are aligned with your sprints.

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Product requirements

A product requirements document (PRD) keeps everyone in sync. It connects engineering, marketing, business development, comms, and any other function that is required to ship product. Build on our ready-made structure with templates.

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Google and Atlassian integration

Shipit works with the tools you already use today. Use Google Suite to login and automatically store your product requirement docs in Google Docs. Shipit product mananagent also seamlessly integrates with Confluence and Jira for your Agile development process.

Keep everyone in sync.
Communicate your product plans.

First express the "what" and "why" of your product plans. Then plan and execute pragmatically with a rolling quarters approach.


A platform with a concept

Shipit is not only a tool, but a holistic concept for product management and roadmap planning. It integrates seamlessly with Agile processes and development tools.


Overview and detail

Communicate your roadmap at any level of granularity. Thanks to a linked hierarchy from roadmap items to product requirements down to individual stories and epics in Jira.


Agile Process

Shipit's quarterly planning neatly aligns with your Scrum process. An automated sprint calendar that defines and publishes the sprint cadence.

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Why shipit?

Here are some of the key features shipit it has in order to help you build your product roadmap:

  • Public and private roadmaps
  • Sprint calendar configuration
  • Highlight of the current sprint and day
  • Google Drive integration
  • Confluence integration
  • Jira integration
  • PipeDrive and Copper integrations (coming)

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Google Drive integration

Confluence integration

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