Collecting Product Feedback and Feature Requests from Intercom with Shipit

With shipit’s Intercom integration you can send product feedback and feature requests from Intercom conversations straight to Shipit. Any conversation you label with specific tags in Intercom is converted into an idea in shipit automatically. These ideas in shipit are linked back to their source conversation on Intercom.

Intercom in shipit
Idea Management

Aggregate Feature Requests

Conversations from Intercom that contain feature requests or product feedback appear in Shipit automatically. All you need to do is to tag conversations in Intercom. Any idea in shipit you can further groom and prioritize. Ideas are linked back to their source - when they came from Intercom they are linked back to the original conversation.

Intercom Integration

Tagging in Intercom is easy

Simply tag conversations in Intercom to send them to Shipit. This even works in the Intercom mobile app.

You can configure tags that sne conversations to Shipit (such as "shipit"). You can also send along additional tags, which will be retained as tags within Shipit, too.

Tagging conversations in Intercom
Place ideas from Intercom on the roadmap
Product Roadmap

Place ideas on the product roadmap

Groomed ideas (from Intercom and other sources) you want to take to take to implementation can be placed on Shipit's interactive product roadmap with a single click. Even a PRD is created fully automatically.

Intercom Integration

Setting up the Integration

Setting up the Intercom integration in Shipit is easy and just takes a few clicks. You can also read more about the integration on Intercom's app store.

Setting up Intercom integration

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