Simple-to-use Product Requirements Document (PRD) template for Google Docs

We offer below a template for a Product Requirements Document in Google Docs that you can use for free. If you want to manage your full product management lifecycle including but also beyond PRDs, we suggest you give our product Shipit a go. In Shipit our PRDs can be created and stored in Google Drive automatically. In addition it offers product roadmaps, idea management, company objectives and more.

PRD template in Google Docs
Free PRD Template

Google Docs PRD template

A simple product requirements document (PRD) template in Google Docs that you can use for free. It contains the key sections such as customer and market information, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, marketing etc.

Access the free Google Docs PRD template here. (To use it simply make a copy of the doc.)

Shipit manages PRDs in Confluence, Google Drive, or Notion

There is often a gap between a high-level product roadmap item and the development of it. This is where Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) come in. PRDs address the "why" and "what" of a product plan, whereas user stories and engineering tickets focus on the "how".

Product requirement templates

PRD templates in Shipit make it easy to make sure everything is covered. Collect and track all relevant aspects of a product (marketing, legal, customer needs, pricing, design, etc.) in one single place.

PRDs in Confluence, Google Drive, or Notion

Shipit automatically creates these Product Requirement Documents for you in Google Drive, Confluence, or Notion for each roadmap item.

Product Requirements Document (PRD) in Confluence

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