Remote working with shipit

With organisations embracing remote work and asynchronous communication, shipit helps to keep your team, leadership, and stakeholders up-to-date with your roadmap.

Roadmap prioritization

Item Prioritization

Collect team and stakaholder votes to easily prioritize roadmap initatives. Drag the items to change the priority, move them between quarters, edit their description and sprint numbers.


Team Voting

You do not need to be in the same room or even Zoom video call for all the team members to prioritize the roadmap. Everyone can vote on each roadmap item whenever they have time. This is especially helpful if the team is spread across different timezones.

Roadmap item voting
Collecting customer feedback and feature requests
Customer Feedback

Customer feedback & feature requests

Customer-facing teams keep feature requests and customer feedback in their CRM systems. With our Copper and Pipedrive integrations you can easily extract that information and build simple charts to visually prioritize requests.


Simple team management

You can invite your colleagues to participate in roadmap planning, or as simple viewers. Let your PR team know when they need to prepare marketing materials for which feature. Assign stakeholders voting rights and change voting scales to fit your needs.

Roadmap Team Management

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