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We are excited to be at the point now to have selected users sign-up and try the product.

The current version of the product focuses on planning a product roadmap. It employs a simple rolling quarterly planning process. We described the approach in an earlier post on Medium.

The second key aspect is about addressing the “why” for product initiatives. While there are numerous options when it comes to ticket management and planning boards, often the bigger picture is lost in a sea of tickets. We address this problem with simple, pre-structured product requirement documents.

Here is a short video of all of this in action:

Currently we have the base roadmap functionality in place. Furthermore, if you connect Google Drive, we will create a product requirement template that you can populate in order to align everyone in your team on the “why” for each product initiative.

We’ve got lots of other features lined up. For example Confluence and Jira integration, more visual roadmap representations, and team support. And we will make our own roadmap publicly accessible on shipit soon!

In the meantime, do let us know of any feedback, issues you encounter, features you’d like to see, etc.

The team at shipit.