Spring brings new features and improvements on shipit

Created on by Tom Desmet

Spring has arrived, and we have been hard at work improving and extending shipit. Here’s a quick roundup of what’s new:

  • You can now export your roadmap as PNG. For example for using it in presentations. (This is in addition to the existing export functionality for CSV and Excel.)
PNG roadmap export
  • Drag and drop performance for roadmap items is much faster. We also enabled drag-and-drop to support moving items between quarters and tracks. The drag-and-drop user experience has been improved overall. And it works both for the Gantt and the simple list view of roadmaps.

  • We now support Copper CRM in addition to Pipedrive for our CRM integrations for customer feedback collection from CRMs.

  • Jira integration now works with both cloud and hosted instances.

  • If you’re not using Jira integration, you can now also manually add epic links to any ticketing system (Github, etc.) for items on the roadmap.

Epic link