Product Updates Q2 2021

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Image Product Updates Q2 2021

Here’s a summary of what we shipped in Q2:

  • An Intercom integration: you can now send product feedback and feature requests from Intercom conversations straight to Shipit
  • Roadmap initiative status and a new corresponding roadmap view
  • Support for multiple projects under one account
  • Lots of UX improvements and completely re-written drag & drop, which makes moving items around a pure joy

Read on for all the details.

Just launched: initiative status and status view for roadmaps

While executing product plans during a quarter it’s critical to track the progress of your roadmap items. You may want to check which initiatives are done, in progress, or not yet started. That’s exactly what the new status property of roadmap items enables.

The status is visible on the card view and on the Gantt view popups with a colored dot. Roadmap item status

You can set the status in the item edit view, and you can configure status colors in settings.

Filter the Gantt and card views to show items with a particular status (e.g. in progress) or a combination of them (planned and in progress). You can also combine status filters with tag filters.

Roadmap item status filter

Finally, we introduced a new roadmap view, the status view. Here the same items not shown by the calendar quarters, but simply by status columns. Drag-and-drop across columns updates the item status accordingly. Roadmap status view

Multiple project support

Earlier this quarter we released support for multiple projects under one account. This has been frequently requested by users who either work for multiple customers, multiple business units, or rather separate product lines and teams. Read all about how multiple projects work in our [dedicated release post[(

Roadmap UX improvements

The product roadmap is at the core of shipit, and accordingly we’re aiming at continuously improving its experience and feature set.

Here what’s changed:

You can now filter your roadmap items by multiple tags compared to only one before. Mix and match it with status of the item Completely re-written the drag & drop code for the Gantt chart which made it work faster and better If you accidentally closed the new item modal which had some fields filled in, don’t worry as whenever you open it again your draft will be restored (just like with ideas and goals) Incremental changes to the card view which now has an updated style and drag & drop support too You can use markdown in item description (including goals and ideas) In addition to roadmap views there has been a lot of small and big updates to other parts of the app. And our help pages are getting more… well, helpful

Recap: Intercom integration

Shipit intercom integration

Also earlier this quarter we released our Intercom integration: you can now send product feedback and feature requests from Intercom conversations straight to Shipit. Read more about it here.